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I’m sad to report it appears that the universe does indeed hate his hair;  there’s not even a peep of his luscious brown curls in the entire film.  But there’s a pretty hot evil smirk in this photoset?

*Still speaking from beyond the grave*

Frilly shirt + Evil Grin = YES!

Also, if there had been a Redcoat who looked like this during the Revolutionary War I would have been hung for so many kinds of treason.

Technically, wouldn’t you just be a Loyalist? A few more Loyalists and the Brits might have won the war…

AU history ideas?

I Would if i had any form of voice or freedom. My father is a huge republican and wants to hang me for some of the things i say today…so hundreds of years ago, and me with a Redcoat? I’d most certainly be dead…but at least maybe i’d die happy?

You underestimate the ability of your Redcoat to protect you, dear!

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So Hearts and I are definitely in on the Birthday Spam (as nicknamed by myself…it’ll be perfectly respectful and non-creepy if rather schmoopy-lovely-dovey, I swear). Who else, and what do we need to plan?

Live Links for Supernatural tonight! [UPDATED LINKS 10.3.12]


CW-EAST, Supernatural Live in around 1 Hour

please reblog so your followers can also watch it LIVE

i’ll be updating links throughout the day, if any links die lmk, ill update it

Let me know if you have any questions

free download of supernatural will be posted right here after the episode ends!

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WHO: Whovians—all and any of you!

WHEN: May 1

WHERE: Twitter

WHAT: In an effort to draw attention (specifically, the attention of Doctor Who showrunners) to how badly we want old Doctors brought back for the 50th anniversary, we’re going to make #WhoIsReturing a trending topic on Twitter.

Whovians will also direct their pleas (politely!) for a multi-Doctor anniversary episode @steven_moffat


I’m aware it may be too late to propose this, or for that matter Moffat may have already considered the idea and either rejected it or is going to go through with it but very secretly. Howver, I have been seeing a lot of people talking about how awesome a multi-Doctor episode would be, without communicating that desire to people who can actually do something about it! At least this way, we can say we tried.

Spread the word!

(Oh, and credit where credit is due—the original “Who Is Returning” posters were created by, the Classic ones & companions by Harbeck. Check those two artists out! Praise them!)

Started by Sage in an attempt to get Paul McGann (among others) back on Who!  We have a Facebook group.







Credit to whoever made the original gif

Very useful gifs!

#Eighters gonna Eight -OMG, THIS! :D is to thank for that one ;)

Would it be alright if we use it?

I’ve asked her (I assume it will be, but always a good idea to ask!). Unfortunatly, I have to log off and go home now, so I won’t see the answer for a few hours.

Yep, the tag is ours ^_^.  She’s flattered it caught on, though she doesn’t really remember coining it (why is it that everytime something awesome is granted to we fans, the originators of it don’t remember making it?)

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We are looking for a Mr Bush-RPer on Twitter!




Me and some friends do Hornblower-RP on Twitter. And we’d really, really like to have a Mr Bush! If you’re interested, just make an account and start.

There are a few things you should know:

-          We’re not very serious. That means:

o   We talk to other historical or fictional characters

o   At times we are random and/or absurd, and sometimes a bit out of character

o   We don’t talk about plot lines and such before we RP, almost all of it is spontaneous

o   You don’t have to be online a lot, we also welcome people who can come once or twice a month, as long as they don’t forget us.

-          We’re all European, and we are usually online in the evening. In Australia that’s (early) morning, and in the US it’s in the afternoon.

-          The current pairing is Horatio/Archie. Rated T/13+ for minor suggestive adult themes.

-          You can also choose to be other Hornblower – characters. We only have active accounts of Horatio (@SailorHoratio) , Archie (@Archie_Kennedy) and Wellard (=me; @MrWellard); and there are inactive accounts of Cpt. Sawyer (@CaptJamesSawyer) and Kitty Cobham (@KittyCobham). And to be honest, I don’t think anyone would care if there is ‘double staffing’, as this might lead to funny situations, so in fact, you can be anyone you like.

-          We (or me, basically) will of course also be happy if there are other McGann-characters. <3 Or other naval characters. Or characters from that era. Or any fun characters at all…

If you need information, don’t hesitate to invade my ask-box. I tend to be nice to strangers and I only bite if I get paid for it.

Also, I’d be glad if one of the major McGann-tumblr-persons could reblog this <3

Dunno if I count as a ‘major’ McGann-tumblr-person (majoring in McGann, sure…) but reblogging for signal boost anyway! I had a blast being William in my friends’ D&D campaign, but I’m not sure if I could do a Twitter RP, but I’ll keep it in mind.

Here’s a semi-major McGann-tumblr-person? SIGNAL BOOST

Oops I mean I’m trying to post it to Clann McGann.